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Integrated Mind Network

A network of likeminded scientists and medical professionals seeking to share the power of the mind-brain connection and the link between science and spirituality in order to help heal people body, mind and spirit.

Our Mission:

  1. By combining our degrees, years of work experience in the medical and scientific community and passion for wellness and science, we can create a movement to help people heal and become whole through a better understanding of the mind-brain-body connection.
  2. We share our ideas, research, and knowledge through digital platforms such as the our website, our YouTube channel, podcasts and more that will be easily accessible to anyone.
  3. We undertake research projects as a team for publication on a  mind-body approach to mental and physical health.

Your Role:

  1. Participate in annual conference as special guest speaker, panelist and expert (usually first weekend in December although dates are TBD).
  2. Guest appearances on the new Dr. Leaf YouTube channel and podcast.
  3. Biannual Skype conference to share ideas on how we can help the people improve their mental and physical health and realize the power of the mind-brain connection.
  4. Help generate and develop new ideas for, and ways of, spreading our message.
  5. Participate in and help develop research projects:
  • You may want to get actively involved in research.
  • And/or just be involved in editing and contributing to eventual papers for publication.